A sample of one of the “stories” inside the story

This is taken from PRISM – the Past, the Present & the Future – book V of The Silent Seduction Series. This story is one that will not get me sent to Facebook Jail and is permissible for all to read. That last statement does not hold true for the rest of the stories in the series. Buyer beware!

*A Family Day at the Beach*

“What a wonderful day at the beach! The sun is strong, the tide is high, the water is cold, but we do not care. We play in the water all day with the boys, only to come out to have drinks, eat lunch and to give your mom a rest from Basti and to go for a quick swim herself. I walk her down to the water’s edge and we decide to run into the cold water together, because it’s easier to get it over with quickly, than to suffer going in slowly, step-by-step.

As you are feeding the boys, your mom and I float in the water and enjoy each other’s company. I am making her laugh and forget about the coldness of the water. Soon we are discussing about how happy you are, how it makes her happy to see you happy, how happy the boys are that their momma is happy, and she confesses to me that at first, she was shocked, but how it did not take her long to realize how in love we are and now she really understands. We hug a nice long embrace, as if we were making up from a fight, but a fight that never happened. I tell her that I am going up to help you and will send her grandsons down to enjoy the water with her.

I go running back up to our spot on the beach and send the boys down to the water with Oma. Now I want to take the opportunity to play with Basti in the sand. We bring him closer to the water’s edge and we dig him a tidal pool, where the waves come in. We will fill the hole with seawater and the sun heats it up really quickly, because it’s very shallow. We take off his diaper. You are sitting with him balanced between your knees and we stick his naked little butt directly in the sand. I am laying down in front of him, so the water would first rush over my body and not directly on him… The first wave comes up… whoosh and fills the hole partially… He smiles and starts slapping his hands on the edges of the hole and begins laughing… The next wave comes up… whoosh and fills the remainder of the hole… He is now kicking, smiling, slapping and laughing hysterically… The slapping is getting the wet sand all over the insides of your legs and the kicking is getting the wet sand all over my face, which makes him laugh even harder. You are bouncing him up & down. I am pulling on his little chubby legs, and he is in heaven.

You look out to the water and your momma is playing in the waves with Niklas & Stefan… You begin to think, everyone you thought that would be so disappointed is really happy. You think, maybe your happiness is important to them, and that it is actually contagious? You begin to smile wider and wider as you stare at me. I did not know what you were thinking and just assumed you were smiling at my sand covered face, just like my lil’ buddy sitting in the hole. You ask me to come to you quickly for a moment. I get up on all fours and crawl towards you. You reach up with one hand, place it behind my head and bring my sand covered face into yours. You kiss me three times and tell me you love me. Basti is giggling below, as he is now squishing wet sand up on to my belly above him and it is falling back down on his little head. We are both staring at one another. Both thinking how lucky we are to have this Connection and how brave we were to pursue it. I crawl back in front of Basti and on the way to lay down, I give him a kiss, too. He grabs my face with his sandy hands and then bites my cheek with the few teeth he has coming in!

You look up out to the water, again, and your mother is watching us and smiling…. Life is good, no, life is great! Grandma did not want to stay in the water too long and she is now heading back up towards us. When they reach us, they all collapse, sitting down and begin playing in the sand with Basti. Niklas & Stefan want to dig and build sandcastles or mud castles, which I am totally excited to do with them. Each one starts digging their own moat to keep the waves off of their castles and I show them how to build a mud castle with no forms by squeezing the sand and letting it drip just so…. They are excited and having a blast. We build their castles up as high as their waists. But they are unaware that the tide is coming in faster and faster and will soon wash it away.

As the first wave comes, it causes the castle to list over to one side. They get a little upset, as all boys do when that happens, but I reassure them that tomorrow, we will build bigger and better ones…  Tonight, we get to destroy these ones! We all take photos in front of the castles standing, kneeling and being goofy. Then the boys take a running head start and karate kick right through their castles, as the waves come up and settle the sand back to the beach.  We sit and watch until they are leveled. We walk back to our beach towels, and I have one arm around each boy, as we walk back to pack up our stuff and to go back home for dinner.

Dinner is great and we settle the boys in for the night. Your mom agrees to watch the boys while you & I decide to go for a walk to watch the sunset and the moon rise. She tells us not to rush that they will be just fine at the house…”

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