Reflowable books and now the addition of Kobo publishing

Everyone has their own personal preferences in life and in their options to read. Thank you for your ongoing feedback on the series. I am pleased to now have the Reflowable versions of WHAT IF? the Rekindle book I, MAXI – his Wife, MY Mistress book II, EXPOSED – a Crack in Her Hidden Fortress book III and the latest release IMPRISONED – the Secrets She Keeps book IV.

The story was created through a long distance relationship via love letters, text messages and later phone conversations. Hence the name, Silent Seduction. To portray accuracy of our times, I have included full color emojis into the script. This is how my mind saw the story unfold. However, with all the technology in the world, eReaders are still unable to read emojis. That’s the price you pay when you do not conform to societal standards and are an outlier.

Yes, the series is quite steamy. Some of you have taken offense to scenes or language in the books. But I did place a very clear warning inside books I & II. For those of you that started the series at book III, well, I am not sure how to help you. So, can you skip over the open bedroom scenes? Absolutely. The story will still be complete in nature. I just refuse to censor my writing style. I did place hyperlinks in the earlier versions, so that you would have to physically click the link to open the door, but have received feedback that you don’t always have access to wifi. I have decided that we are all adults and are responsible for our feelings, emotions and more importantly our choices. I have kicked open that door, removing the hyperlinks and it is all laid out in front of you now. So update your version or you may choice a new format, if you like by clicking the link to The Silent Seduction. Thank you for your feedback! If any of you are having issues, please let me know and I will resolve it as quickly as possible at

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