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Cooper, my Editor-In-Chief / Publicist and Social Media Guru

So, you are hesitant to read a romance novel written through the lens of a man, are you? What’s the matter? Are you afraid that a man can’t possibly understand the emotions and anatomy of a woman? WHAT IF you are wrong? WHAT IF this series is the best that you have ever read? WHAT IF you are too afraid to let your imagination run wild, as the words peel off the pages and you find yourself unable to differentiate between Fantasy & Reality?

Now, STOP right there. This is not written like your TRADITIONAL romance series. It is a psychological thriller without a droplet of blood. It is contemporary. It is steamy. The naming convention was not by mistake, rather it was by design. It is The Silent Seduction Series. Maxi was seduced by his charisma when they met all those years ago. He fed her handwritten letters, and she was fascinated by his unfiltered ability to pour out his emotions. When they Rekindled their love, she again became quickly hypnotized by his words through text. Then he was unable to wait any longer and he called. She instantly was transported back in time and was mesmerized by his voice. It brought her back to all of those nights they would spend on the phone, bleeding their confessions to one another.

These two lovers were physically separated by the Atlantic Ocean after they fell in love on beautiful Cape Cod. However, it was her prejudice, narrow-minded German parents that kept them apart. He was willing to go to the moon for a cup of coffee with his beauty, but she was afraid to make the journey. She made a series of mistakes along the way, ended up pregnant and married to an unfulfilling dud of a husband. He was safe. Her parents approved, because he was German. They just didn’t realize, or maybe they did, that their daughter was dying inside. She did her best to find her lover, but he had disappeared in The States, nowhere to be found.

Until one day, she opened Phazebook to find a friend request. She could not believe her eyes. He found her after all of this time in her little village. Now she needed to find out if she was still good enough for him. She needed to see him. MAXI was his wife, but she was My Mistress. Her parents could no longer prevent that from her. But their damage was deeper than she imagined. Her fears lead to light being shone upon her, leaving her EXPOSED with a crack her hidden fortress. The very place where she was IMPRISONED with the secrets she keeps. We all see life through a different PRISM of the past, the present and the future.

How could she make this work, while hiding him from everyone she knew and supposedly loved?

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