Reflowable Text for eReaders

Thanks to all that have voiced their opinion or preference to have my stories in a reflowable format, so you can have all of the benefits that your eReader has available to you.

The first three books have now been converted and are in the hands of my Advanced Readers to see if the conversion still conveys the raw emotions and feelings that were implied through the use of emojis. That is the downside to reflowable text. Emojis are a style of text and the reader is unable to translate them for your screen. So, they have been replaced with <beating heart>, <smiling face with heart-shaped eyes> etc.

So far, the reviews are mixed. People are favoring the emojis, but still feel as though they get the effect with the new format. However, I would like to offer you the books in reflowable format to see what you think. Just email me at with subject heading “Reflowable” and ask to be sent the eBooks. I am not asking for a public review, although I am not standing in your way, I am asking for you to tell me what you think. I have yet to release these versions on Amazon or Google. Apple is the only one that has the reflowable text with emojis, well, because they are Apple and they were the inspiration behind my texting with emojis. I am going to release them on Kobo and Nook this weekend, as they do not offer the ability for a Fixed Format, which is what I currently have published.

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