I have to share this story with you…

When I was a younger man, I had met this beautiful foreign girl from Germany, while visiting Cape Cod. We ended up dating while she stayed in the States and even continued our relationship for many years over the phone (back when they were hardwired and installed on the wall) and through very romantic handwritten letters. This was back in time, before Instagram and all of the social media platforms were instant gratification and posting thousands of photos of oneself. We used to have to develop and wait for hard copies of the photos.

Anyway, I digress, the point of the photo and story is the comparison. You see, that older gentleman is me in the future. Why you ask? Because that was me in the past. You see, that lovely girl that I referred to up above, had sent me a photo of her walking towards the ocean while only wearing her bikini bottom. Immediately my mind was racing and with high anticipation, I flipped the 2 dimensional photo over, fully expecting to see her front side without her top on. To this day, I still laugh about that moment. One thing is for sure, I will never change.

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